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You have found the Williamsburg Heritage Dancers online Home.  Curious about what you see? Dancing historical styles, like the Longways Dance, is not as hard as it looks and can be truly beautiful. If you are interested in English Country Dancing, may we recommend our History Page?

Our Dance group meets every Tuesday at 8, at the Newport House, in Williamsburg. Beginners, Students or the experienced are welcome to join or just watch. You will discover there are only a few figures, which are combined into any number of historical dance routines.

In just a few minutes, you will be dancing to the same music Washington, Jefferson or even Henry VIII enjoyed in their times. It’s amazing to find the roots of Country Music, Square Dancing and Folk Dancing preserved in English Country Dance. At first this form of Dance may sound dry and stuffy, but it’s an enjoyable, energetic and fun evening that will go by in what seems to be moments.

At the other end of the English Country Dance spectrum is our Performance Group. They represent the elegance and grace you would have found at a Ball in King George’s Court. Flowing dresses, silk shoes, and white lace create a dream world YOU can be a part of. To learn more, just let us know by filling out the form below.
Longways Dance Woodcut
Longways dance just after the American Revolution (by Rowlandson).

English Country Dancing
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